Sexy new comic “Little Girl Lethal” starring Sugar Lightspeed launches on Indiegogo

Early on Wednesday, the crowdfunding campaign for new comic book series Little Girl Lethal went live on Indiegogo. Inspired by hard-boiled science fiction tales of Blade Runner, Akira and Sin City, Little Girl Lethal is the brainchild of one “Slick Jimmy,” an anonymous Utah resident who has been tinkering away at the project for roughly two decades. Joining Slick Jimmy in the Little Girl Lethal project is an artist known only as “Whiskpaint,” whose true identity also remains a mystery. (though when you produce artwork this nice, who cares what his name is?)

So what’s the book about? You ask? Well, below is a summary of the plot taken directly from the Little Girl Lethal Indiegogo campaign page.

Sugar Lightspeed the Little Girl Lethal artwork

“In the Wickedest City across endless realities & existences, a place called Lost Peaks, lives a singular girl, beautiful & fierce, broken & searching, a girl seething with wrath & a vast lust for vengeance. For in her childhood, she was delivered into carnal bondage to be the plaything of the monsters lurking within humanity, but a Dark Ronin, an elite assassin, came & rescued her, raising her to maturation to be an incomparable killer, whose retribution will shake the foundations of her world!”

Backers can get a digital version of the Little Girl Lethal for $5, while those looking for a physical copy can get one for either $12 or $20, depending on whether you want a less or more risqué version of the book. There are plenty of bonuses and add-on support tiers as well, which include an animated gif of the book’s heroine, Sugar Lightspeed, MP3 music inspired by the book, and multiple t-shirts and posters including one featuring artwork by Internet-famous South African artist, Sashi.

There is also a girthy number of stretch goals hinted at if the Little Girl Lethal campaign passes its initial goal of $10k, including variant covers, stickers, pigs, action figures, cosplay outfits and lingerie. (!!!) I love the ambition, but I’m going to have to see some real-life models sporting that cosplay and lingerie before I’m a true believer… you know, for journalism.

Interested? Excited? Aroused? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Little Girl Lethal Indiegogo page here.

Little Girl Lethal Indiegogo artworkLittle Girl Lethal sample page No. 1 the kidnappingLittle Girl Lethal sample page No. 2 driving awayLittle Girl Lethal sample page No. 3 swinging those hipsLittle Girl Lethal sample page No. 4 showing off to town

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