The Indiegogo campaign for sexy new comic “Little Girl Lethal” extended for 30 days

On Thursday, Little Girl Lethal creator “Slick Jimmy” announced that the Indiegogo campaign for his comic book series featuring sexy new heroine Sugar Lightspeed would be extended by another thirty days. So if you’re just now learning about the project or the initial campaign deadline slipped your mind, you’ve got another month to ogle Miss Lightspeed before choosing to commit.

That’s not to say that Little Girl Lethal wasn’t able to hit its original funding goals. Far from it. In fact, not only is the book already fully funded, but there are enough singles stuffed into Sugar Lightspeed’s G-string to fully achieve two stretch goals, including an extra 10-page story written by Slick Jimmy and drawn by Mistah Mahvel. What other surprises does Sugar have tucked away under that short skirt of hers? How high can Little Girl Lethal go before it finally climaxes? The suspense is unbearable!

Inspired by hard-boiled science fiction tales of Blade Runner, Akira and Sin City, Little Girl Lethal has been skinny-dipping through Slick Jimmy’s brain for roughly two decades. Joining Slick Jimmy in the project is an anonymous artist known only as “Whiskypaint,” who will draw the main story.

Sugar came to play, boys, but only if you pay. Is that a girthy stack of dollar bills in your pocket, or are you just glad to see her?* You can visit the full Little Girl Lethal Indiegogo page here.

Little Girl Lethal killing spree in alleyway

*This one was fun.

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