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Retro Review: “Speedy Gonzales – Los Gatos Bandidos” (Super NES)

The early nineties was the golden age of the character platforming game, with many developers struggling to find their own twist on a genre dominated by Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World. While some companies many tried to develop their own characters and worlds (Bubsy, Awesome Possum, Socket), others chose to buy up a license as a shortcut to

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Retro Review: “Superman” (SEGA Genesis)

To celebrate this week’s release of Justice League: the Snyder Cut on HBO, we’re  polluting cramming The Splintering chock full of content for Justice League-related games. In consideration of high political tensions in the United States, we’re also going to attempt to make this review 100% politics-free. Without further ado, let’s see how truth, justice, and the American way fare

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