Retro Roguelike Revival “Ikki Unite” Coming Soon to Steam PC

Sunsoft recently revealed that that a revival of the 1985 Ikki arcade game is coming soon to Steam PC in the form of Ikki Unite.

Ikki Unite is an all-new multiplayer game for up to 16 players. Like the first game, Ikki Unite centers around a peasant revolt against an abusive government. Your village’s rice harvest has been decimated by a plague of locusts, but the government tax men have still come calling, looking for their usual cut off the top. Players must revolt and reclaim your precious rice harvest to survive! The gameplay is a combination of Roguelike and action/shooter, where players collect items, dodge enemy fire, and use a variety of weapons to defeat the baddies which include monkeys, frogs, and locusts.

Here’s the official breakdown of Ikki Unite from the game’s Steam page, followed by an announcement video from Sunsoft:

“You can’t riot with just one or two people!”

The legendary “bad game” that once had people scoffing is back, and this time it’s time to unite

It’s the autumn harvest, a time to rejoice in the fruits of labor, but a swarm of locusts ravage the land!

The village is in trouble, and yet the collectors still demand taxes…

So let’s start a rebellion and get our rice back, and protect our village!

This time we aren’t alone! It’s time to “Ikki Unite” with up to 16 people!

It’s the MOST CASUAL of ONLINE COOP games with simple controls and satisfying gameplay!

Cooperate and dodge bullets to defeat the enemies, and collect items.

Head towards the Daikan Yashiki!

This is roguelike action…but united!

The original Ikki arcade game was ported to the Nintendo Famicom in Japan, but Western gamers had to jump through import hoops to snag a physical copy for themselves. According to Sunsoft, the original Ikki was described as “kusoge” (crap game) due to a lack of realism from staging a popular uprising with only two players.

At the time of this writing, only a Steam PC version of Ikki Unite has been confirmed, with a vague target release date of sometime later in 2022.

Source: Automaton

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