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New gaming-centric website “Exclusively Games” launched

nternet personality Jeremy Hambly already runs two successful YouTube channels in The Quartering and Unsleeved Media, but in response to what he feels is a need for more trustworthy sources for gaming news, Hambly has launched Exclusively Games, a website dedicated to both tabletop and video games. While the forums have been active for weeks, Exclusively Games was finally unveiled

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Is Blizzard slowly being assimilated into Activision? Blizzard co-founder David Brevik speaks out

Blizzard has been taking a public beating lately, whether it’s the PR disaster of Diablo: Immortal or the subsequent drop in their stock price, there doesn’t yet seem to be a silver lining emerging. Unfortunately for Blizzard, and possibly fans of their games, the situation at the company may be even worse than some feared. A video posted in early

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