Is Blizzard slowly being assimilated into Activision? Blizzard co-founder David Brevik speaks out

Blizzard has been taking a public beating lately, whether it’s the PR disaster of Diablo: Immortal or the subsequent drop in their stock price, there doesn’t yet seem to be a silver lining emerging.

Unfortunately for Blizzard, and possibly fans of their games, the situation at the company may be even worse than some feared. A video posted in early October by Blizzard co-founder, David Brevik, is starting to gain attention now following Blizzard’s avalanche of bad news. Brevik alleges that Blizzard employees have taken a serious pay cut following the elimination of a bonus program named the “holiday plan,” and that they are now underpaid when compared to other game developers.

In addition, Brevik accuses Blizzard’s parent company Activision of deliberately forcing out legacy Blizzard leadership including Chris Metzen, Rob Pardo, and Michael Morhaime. Brevik alleges that these moves are in part an effort on Activision’s part to dismantle Blizzard’s remaining autonomy as a subsidiary, with the end result being a Blizzard that functions just as any other developer under Activision’s umbrella.

Our fine fellow Jeremy at The Quartering has the details in video form below. It should also be noted that David Brevik appeared to be inebriated during the recording of his October video.

What are your thoughts about Brevik’s comments and the possibility of a Blizzard that is completely subservient to Activision? Was he a raving drunkard or are you considering tossing back a few yourself after hearing what he had to say?

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