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Risqué Retro Arcade Game “Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX)” Coming to Nintendo Switch, Steam PC

RAWRLAB Games and TATSUJIN recently announced that Pipi & Bibi’s will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam PC later this year as Spy Bros. (Pipi&Bibi’s DX). Originally developed in 1991 by TOAPLAN (creators of Snow Bros.), the Pipi & Bibi’s arcade game went mostly under the radar due to most arcades choosing not to license it. Why? Not

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Retro Review: Tiger Heli – NES (Attack Helicopter Week Special)

Welcome back to Attack Helicopter Week here at The Splintering! Today, we’re going to feature an old-school shooter close to my heart, Tiger Heli! When my family first got an NES, it was a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle. With it, we received three, non-Mario related games: Rad Racer, Hogan’s Alley, and Tiger Heli. Nice spread, right? That

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M2 to port 4 classic Toaplan shooters to consoles including “Twin Cobra”, “Flying Shark” and “Truxton II”

Japanese game development studio Toaplan closed its doors in 1994, but M2 has announced plans to port every single Toaplan game to modern consoles. To kick off this effort, M2 confirmed that they are starting with four of Toaplan’s arcade-style shooters (currently termed shoot-em-ups… blech): Kyuukyoku Tiger (1987, aka Twin Cobra) Tatsujin Ou (1992, aka Truxton II) Hishouzame (1987, aka

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