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Horror/Fantasy Comic “The Tome of Reckoning” Now on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Dionysios launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Tome of Reckoning, a 36-page horror/fantasy comic written and illustrated by Dionysios and featuring illustrations by Jewel Jones. This first issue is titled The First Good Day of the Year, and it represents the beginning of a larger arc expected to be at least five issues

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Sit DOWN Sunday Comic Book News Livestream – 31 January Edition

On the latest installment of Sit DOWN Sunday (hosted on Patrick Thomas Parnell’s YouTube channel Riot Press Productions), The Splintering founder Blake Worrell got another chance to discuss recent comic book news with Parnell and College of the Dead creator Adam Post. This week, we discussed the launch of Kenneth Rocafort’s GROKEN campaign, the latest images of Patrick’s Johnny Phantasm

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