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Indiegogo campaign for “Iron Skies” graphic novel ends successfully; still available in-demand

On Thursday, the crowdfunding campaign for Iron Skies ended successfully, raising 143% of its original goal for a total of more than $14 thousand. Noice. Iron Skies is a steampunk/fantasy book written by Kristopher Rue, illustrated by Renan Shody and Victor Cappola and featuring colors by Dijjo Lima and letters by Eric Weathers. Disappointed that you missed out on the

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Steampunk comic “Iron Skies” gets huge funding boost in past 24 hours- will it be enough to reach the finish line?

The crowdfunding campaign for Iron Skies has been live for weeks, and up until last night, it has failed to catch fire, at least as far as attracting cash is concerned. The project has raised over $2 thousand dollars in the past 24 hours after Iron Skies creator Kristopher Rue appeared on Ethan Van Sciver’s Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube

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