Steampunk comic “Iron Skies” gets huge funding boost in past 24 hours- will it be enough to reach the finish line?

The crowdfunding campaign for Iron Skies has been live for weeks, and up until last night, it has failed to catch fire, at least as far as attracting cash is concerned.

The project has raised over $2 thousand dollars in the past 24 hours after Iron Skies creator Kristopher Rue appeared on Ethan Van Sciver’s Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel. It’s a huge boost, to be sure, but Iron Skies is still over $5 thousand short of its funding goal, and only nine days remain to support the project at the time of this writing.

Iron Skies is a steampunk/fantasy book written by Kristopher Rue, illustrated by Renan Shody and Victor Cappola and featuring colors by Dijjo Lima and letters by Eric Weathers.

Here’s the project pitch straight from Kristopher Rue himself:

Hi! I am Kristopher Rue, and I am a storyteller. I’ve spent my life crafting stories, and I have been published in the literary journal Pilcrow and Dagger. In 2009, I started writing the Iron Skies Chronicles for friends and family. I started to put pieces together and build a world, and quickly fell in love with the setting and characters. The chronicles were changed and adapted over the years as I distilled them for more impact.

One thing has never changed – I have always imagined Iron Skies as a visual medium. Thanks to my amazing team, I am able to realize that vision and bring you the epic I’ve been wanting to tell for a decade.

If you’d like to back the project, you can get a digital version of Iron Skies for $10, while physical copies (which come with a high-res digital poster) start at $15. For those with more cash to spend, there are backing tiers that include other extras such as extra copies of the book, signed copies, original artwork, and physical posters as well. There’s also a “support the troops” tier for $65, which donates two copies to the USO while you get a signed copy and physical poster for yourself.

Will Iron Skies make it to its $10 thousand funding goal? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Indiegogo page here.

Cover by Canaan White

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