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Ikari Press launches supernatural fantasy comic “Brand: Way of the Gun” on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator and Ikari Press founder Antonio Brice launched a crowdfunding campaign for Brand: Way of the Gun, the direct sequel to 2018’s supernatural fantasy comic book Brand (and by “2018’s”, I mean crowdfunded in 2018, the book hasn’t been delivered to backers just yet). Artist Caanan White is back as the book’s illustrator, and

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Supernatural comic “Brand” coming soon to backers, “Way of the Gun” launching on Indiegogo next week

In a recent backer update, Brand creator Antonio Brice announced that he has indeed received the final books from the printer, and fulfillment will commence in March once a few of the extra backer perks are firmly in-hand. The bigger news, however, is that Brice and the rest of the Brand creative team is prepped to launch a crowdfunding campaign

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