New Neo Geo Mini details leaked, but questions remain

SNK Japan teased in April that they had something special to announce for the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand. On Friday, the YouTube channel Spawn Wave shared some leaked details of a Neo Geo Mini arcade console, including images of the device, its controllers, and a full list of games built-in.

Neo Geo Mini image reveal leak

The leaked image of the Neo Geo Mini according to Spawn Wave’s source

Spawn Wave wisely noted that these details were not confirmed and should be taken as rumor. However, that didn’t stop retro gamers from enthusiastically celebrating the leak.

Some more meticulous fans started to pick apart the details and found a few oddities. Other YouTube channels including MadLittlePixel and Scarlet Sprites laid out a few of these questionable aspects of the Neo Geo Mini leak, including the titles being listed in an odd order, artwork on the device not matching the list of games included, and even that the controller layout is incorrect when compared the Neo Geo CD original on which it’s based. Are these details just an oversight due to the image being a prototype, or are they evidence of poor design choices?

Neo Geo Mini image reveal leak game list

The list of games included, according to the leaked information

Questions still remain as to the release date ad how expensive the unit will be, though the inclusion of a 3.5 inch screen is likely to add quite a bit to the price tag, particularly when compared to other “mini” consoles such as the NES, SNES and incoming SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. Will there be much of an audience for a high-priced mini console designed to work as a portable system, but one which doesn’t easily fit in a bag, and certainly not your pocket? Then again, the Neo Geo was always a niche product.

If the leaks are coming from a completely legitimate source, there is still a chance that some of the finer details may not match the final product when it’s unveiled. Unfortunately, until official information comes to us from an official SNK statement, it’s impossible to know at this point.

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