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Review: Tiger Heli – NES (Attack Helicopter Week special)

Welcome back to Attack Helicopter Week here at The Splintering! Today, we’re going to feature an old-school shooter close to my heart, Tiger Heli! When my family first got an NES, it was a Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle. With it, we received three, non-Mario related games: Rad Racer, Hogan’s Alley, and Tiger Heli. Nice spread, right? That

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Review: “Choplifter!” – Famicom (Attack Helicopter Week special)

Welcome to Attack Helicopter Week here at The Splintering! How about kicking things off with a lesser-known, retro import? Grab your yoke and pop in your earplugs, because today we’re picking apart Choplifter! for the Nintendo Famicom. Choplifter! is a unique title as it started as an Apple II game and was later ported to the arcades. The Famicom version

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Is Bandai Namco’s mysterious “Rad” actually a revival of 90’s NES platformer “Totally Rad”?

Bandai Namco recently trademarked several logos in the United States prominently featuring the word “rad”. Check them out for yourself below. As Gematsu points out, the logos feature fallout shelter and mushroom cloud imagery, suggesting that Rad may refer to “radiation.” Pfffft! Thanks for the expert analysis guys, but if you’ll allow us to speculate wildly for just a sec,

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Maybe us old codgers should calm down about “Duck Hunt” and try reading a book

Comedian Seth Rogen lit a small Internet fire this week when he took to Twitter and “revealed” a relatively unknown feature of Duck Hunt on the original NES. The world was stunned to learn that the onscreen ducks could actually be controlled by a second player. This revelation came as a shock to many, as I couldn’t even count how

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Polymega releases several Saturn gameplay videos after launch trailer raises questions

Earlier in September, Polymega released a launch trailer for their upcoming clone console. As part of that reveal, they also announced that the Polymega would support SEGA Saturn software. This produced a lot of smiles but also raised a few eyebrows, as skeptical retro gamers are well aware of how difficult the Saturn’s hardware is to emulate. To add fuel

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Polymega announces SEGA Saturn support; clarifies video footage error (updated)

There’s certainly no shortage of clone consoles out there for retro gaming enthusiasts to choose from. What sets the Polymega apart from other multi-console systems such as the Retron 5 or the Retro Freak is that the base model Polymega is designed to play CD-based games, including those from the SEGA CD, PlayStation 1, Neo Geo CD, and the TurboGrafx-CD.

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