Mega Man 11 releases October 2, many new details in latest trailer

The original super fighting robot will return to consoles and PC on October 11.

According to Capcom’s newest release, Mega Man 11 will also feature a new gameplay feature dubbed the “Double Gear system,” which enhances Mega Man’s normal capabilities.

The Speed Gear briefly slows down time giving Mega Man time to react to more frantic moments. Sounds like the Mega Man 3 second controller trick, don’t it?

The Power Gear boosts the Mega Buster weapon, allowing Mega Man to charge it to higher levels and release two charge shots at once. The Power Gear also affects special weapons attained from defeated robot masters in unique ways.

Mega Man 11 gameplay

Mega Man can also activate both gears at once when his health is critically low, but this technique will leave Mega Man severely weakened after use. The Double Gear system can also be overused and will require a cool off time if it overheats.

Capcom’s latest trailer showcased a couple of Dr. Wily’s newest evil robot masters: Block Man and Fuse Man.

Gamers who the pre-order either the physical or digital version of Mega Man 11 at select retailers will receive an alternative in-game soundtrack when it releases on October 2. Participating retailers are listed as Amazon, Game Stop, Best Buy, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, the Nintendo eShop and Steam.

Mega Man 11 merchandise nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch owners might just mega bust a nut when they check out the Mega Man 11amiibo Edition which includes a new Mega Man amiibo, a Dr. Wily logo adhesive patch, a set of four stickers, and a robot master stage select screen microfiber cloth. Sorry sleuths, while the image of the cloth does show all eight evil robot masters, their names are still obscured. Let the speculation begin! It should be noted that the Mega Man 11 – amiibo Edition will only be available in the United States and Canada because God hates Europe.

Mega Man 11 is slated for release on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam on October 2.

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