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Soulcalibur VI will not have loot boxes

According to a very informative thread on the Soulcalibur VI Steam page, Bandai Namco’s latest entry into their weapons-based fighting franchise will not have any kind of loot box system. This probably comes as a relief to many fighting game fans who have recently seen other series adopt a loot box system to unlock character customizations. (looking at you, Injustice

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Mega Man 11 releases October 2, many new details in latest trailer

The original super fighting robot will return to consoles and PC on October 11. According to Capcom’s newest release, Mega Man 11 will also feature a new gameplay feature dubbed the “Double Gear system,” which enhances Mega Man’s normal capabilities. The Speed Gear briefly slows down time giving Mega Man time to react to more frantic moments. Sounds like the

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