The Indiegogo campaign for Lonestar: Heart of the Hero now live; fully funded in first day

The crowdfunding campaign for Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar: Heart of the Hero launched over the weekend, and it’s already off to a solid start raising over $18 thousand and already surpassing its original funding goal of $15 thousand.

Mike S. Miller is a 26-year veteran of the comics industry, having worked most recently as the artist in the Injustice video game tie-in books for DC Comics. If successful, Miller intends to launch a new comic universe he calls the “Blacklist Universe,” with Lonestar being the first cornerstone book.

Outfitted a bit like a superhero version of F-Zero’s Captain Falcon, Lonestar himself appears to be designed as a “star-spangled” hero in the vein of Wonder Woman or Captain America. However, Miller has indicated that Heart of the Hero will not be an overly political book, instead suggesting that the plot will be a tried-and-true heroic adventure story.

There are several backer tiers to pick from, with a digital version of Lonestar available for $15 and a physical copy available for $20. There are several other perks for those looking to go above and beyond in their spending, but perhaps the coolest tier is the “Lonestar for the troops” level, which sends at least copies of the book to soldiers overseas for $80 (You’ll still get 2 copies for yourself, too!). If you just want to contributed to the project without receiving anything in return, there’s also a $5 tier just for you.

Interested? You can check out the Lonestar Indiegogo page here.

Indiegogo's greatest heros posterThe indie comics scene has been on fire recently

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