Mike S. Miller’s “Lonestar” graphic novel hits the blessed “Six Figures, Bitch!” milestone

This week, the Indiegogo campaign for Mike S. Miller’s superhero adventure comic Lonestar: Heart of the Hero crossed the coveted $100k threshold.* In doing so, Lonestar joins the ranks of several other crowdfunded comic book projects including Cyberfrog, Jawbreakers, Red Rooster, Graveyard Shift and Bigfoot Bill in the glorious #SixFiguresBitch! club (or as Miller politely calls it, the #SixFiguresYoungLady club).

Mike S. Miller's enthusiasm about Lonestar: Heart of the Hero being funded

Outfitted a bit like a superhero version of F-Zero’s Captain Falcon, Lonestar himself appears to be designed as a “star-spangled” hero in the vein of Wonder Woman or Captain America. However, Miller has indicated that Heart of the Hero will not be an overly political book, instead suggesting that the plot will be a tried-and-true heroic adventure story. Miller intends to use Lonestar as the cornerstone for launching a new comic universe he calls the “Blacklist Universe.”

Lonestar is yet another crowdfunding success story for a movement that has come to be known as “ComicsGate”, a group of comic book creators and consumers disillusioned with plummeting comics shop sales and concerns of political/ideological encroachment into the professional practices of the comics industry. As a result, several comic book professionals including both freshman creators and seasoned veterans have turned to crowdfunding to market directly to their audience.

Congratulations to Mike S. Miller and everyone else involved in the the Lonestar project. You can still buy into the Lonestar project as the Indiegogo page remains an in-demand store for the time being. Visit the full Lonestar: Heart of the Hero Indiegogo campaign page here if you’re interested.

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*Disclosure: the author of this post is a backer of the Lonestar crowdfunding campaign. Ya, boi.


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