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Mike S. Miller’s “Lonestar” graphic novel hits the blessed “Six Figures, Bitch!” milestone

This week, the Indiegogo campaign for Mike S. Miller’s superhero adventure comic Lonestar: Heart of the Hero crossed the coveted $100k threshold.* In doing so, Lonestar joins the ranks of several other crowdfunded comic book projects including Cyberfrog, Jawbreakers, Red Rooster, Graveyard Shift and Bigfoot Bill in the glorious #SixFiguresBitch! club (or as Miller politely calls it, the #SixFiguresYoungLady club).

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The Indiegogo campaign for “Graveyard Shift” finishes big… but not quite #SixFiguresBitch

Halloween came early this week as the Indiegogo campaign for Graveyard Shift came to a close, raising nearly 2 thousand percent of its original goal for a total of over $90 thousand. Graveyard Shift artist Jon Malin celebrated the end of the campaign by livestreaming the final hours on his YouTube page with fellow comic creators, including Antonio Malpica (a.k.a.

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