Graham Nolan’s “Monster Island” Kickstarter campaign ends successfully

On Thursday, the crowdfunding campaign for Graham Nolan’s Monster Island ended successfully, raising a total of $25,091 from 248 backers.

The Kickstarter project was for two books, a 20th anniversary hardcover edition of the original Monster Island as well as a special release titled Black Book: the Art of Graham Nolan, which includes a number of sketches and previously uncirculated artwork by Monster Island’s creator.

According to Nolan, Monster Island is a classic adventure comic that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The story follows a pair of pilots who become stranded on a mysterious, space-jumping island that appears throughout the universe for the purpose of collecting monsters. The pilots are forced to find a way to escape before the island disappears to another corner of the cosmos with them still on it.

If you’re unaware of Graham Nolan’s credentials, he’s a long-time veteran of the comic book industry, most famous for his work on Batman and co-creating Bane with Chuck Dixon.

Batman comic artwork

In the final hours of the campaign, the project crossed its $25k stretch goal, guaranteeing a monster t-shirt for all backers. That’s quite a nice late-breaking bonus for those who supported the project.

Following the success of Monster Island, Nolan has suggested that he may return to the series for several follow-up stories which will expand the Monster Island universe.

You can check out the full Monster Island Kickstarter page here.

Monster Island Comic book sample

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