Earthworm Jim creator announces new comic project “Bigfoot Bill”

On Monday, Doug TenNapel debuted his plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Bigfoot Bill, a new comic book project.

TenNapel made the announcement during a livestream chat on Ethan Van Sciver’s Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel (See video below, discussion begins at approximately 24:30). TenNapel intends to launch the Bigfoot Bill project on Indiegogo sometime next Monday, August 13.

TenNapel is a veteran artist/animator who is most famous for being the creator of Earthworm Jim. TenNapel describes Bigfoot Bill as having a similar style of irreverent humor, and he expects that readers young and old would be able to enjoy it.

Plot details are thin so far, but Bigfoot Bill follows the adventures of a Sasquatch who is kept under lock and key by the government along with other mythological creatures, including the Chupacabra, “Judgy” the unicorn, and John Loch Ness, whose dialogue is peppered with quotes by political philosopher, John Locke.

Other than werewolves & monsters, one of the other villains of Bigfoot Bill may be Poseidon, Greek god of the oceans. Bill stole one of Poseidon’s fingers, which gives Bill control of the mythological sea-creature, the kraken, which Bill himself wears as a living suit of armor.

Interested? The Bigfoot Bill Indiegogo page is scheduled to go live on Monday, August 13.

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