Terry Bogard and 2 long lost Street Fighter characters coming to “Fighting EX Layer”

Since it’s apparently “Terry Bogard Week” and nobody told me ahead of time, I’m a bit late in reporting that the main protagonist of SNK’s Fatal Fury series is joining the roster of Arika’s Fighting EX Layer for PS4.

“Terry Bogard Week” or not, Fatal Fury’s “hungry wolf” is certainly making the rounds in this year’s announcements at EVO 2018. Last week, SNK revealed that a lovely gender-swapped version of Terry would appear in their upcoming Fighter: SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

Terry isn’t the only familiar fighter being added to Fighting EX Layer. Pullum Purna and Volcano Rosso, both from Street Fighter EX series, will also be joining Fighting EX Layer. As it turns out, Arika actually owns both Pullum Purna and Volcano Rosso, which explains why Capcom never brought them over into the mainline Street Fighter series.

In addition, Arika announced that Fighting EX Layer will be getting a limited release in select U.S. arcades. I got the chance to play the original arcade version of Fighting Layer Too Many Games in June, and it’s certainly a wacky fighter.

Fighting EX Layer is now available for PlayStation 4. Pullum Purna and Volcano Rosso will be available by the end of the summer. There are no release details yet for Terry Bogard…

Terry Bogard Fatal Cutie Fighting Ex Layer

…With Terry being added to Fighting EX Layer in his male form and to SNK Heroines: Tag Team Battle in female form, you may be wondering if these two games ever crossed over, could Terry impregnate him/herself?

You may be wondering that, but not me.

Nah. That’s foolish.

Source: Game Informer

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