Jon Malin teases upcoming comic book project “Graveyard Shift”

On a recent livestream on the Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel, veteran comic book artist Jon Malin revealed that his next project would be titled Graveyard Shift, and that it would be funded via Indiegogo.

You can listen to Malin describe the project in the video below (at approximately 1:46:35):

Graveyard Shift is coming hot on the heels of Malin’s recent success with Jawbreakers: Lost Souls,* which has amassed nearly $400 thousand since launching on Indiegogo. This time around, Malin is partnering with co-creator Mark Poulton (The Savage Hawkman) to bring Graveyard Shift to- er- life(?)

Jon Malin started sharing artwork for the project on social media, some of which you can see below. Graveyard Shift has been a long time coming, apparently, as he credits these original page layouts for getting him his job at Marvel.

Malin describes Graveyard Shift as the Universal Monsters meets the X-Men. The plot follows a group of military scientists who are transformed into beings similar to classic horror characters such as a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, etc.

According to Malin, the Graveyard Shift Indiegogo campaign will fund the printing of the first of multiple books, with the first installment expected to weigh in at 46 pages.

Update! – The Graveyard Shift project went live on Indiegogo Monday, August 21.


*Note: the author of this post is a backer of the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls Indiegogo campaign

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