Ikari Press launches sci-fi comic project “Brand” on Indiegogo

This weekend, Ikari Press launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new comic project titled Brand on Indiegogo.

Brand is a 48-page science fiction graphic novel written by Antonio Brice and featuring illustrations by Caanan White (Über). Project creator Brice notes that Brand is definitely for mature readers only.

Here’s a summary of the plot taken from the Brand Indiegogo page:

In the Bible, Cain killed his brother Abel. Cain was then cursed and marked by God. The Brand in this case is the “Mark of Cain” and part of Cain’s burden was to walk the earth and gather warriors to defend the world from the war that’s coming. All of these warriors bear the mark of Cain which grants them abilities and protections against the supernatural.


At the time of this writing, the campaign for Brand has hit the ground running, already raising over a third of its $15 thousand goal. Backers can currently get a digital version of Brand for $10, while physical copies (all signed) start at $15. Those looking to spend more can get a few extra perks including digital wallpaper and original artwork.

You can check out some sample art for the project below (which frankly looks incredible), or visit the full Brand Indiegogo page here.

Brand_the splintering_indiegogo_sample art 3

Brand_the splintering_indiegogo_sample art

Brand_the splintering_indiegogo_sample art 4

Brand_the splintering_indiegogo_sample art_2

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