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The in-demand store for sci-fi graphic novel “Brand” closes on 2 December; cover revealed

In a recent backer update, independent comic book creator Antonio Brice announced that the Indiegogo in-demand store for Brand will close on 2 December, so you have just less than a month to save your nickels and dimes if you want to buy into the book.* If you’re still on the fence, Brice sweetened the pitch by finally revealing the

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Ikari Press founder Antonio Brice hit with mass flagging on YouTube – over 250 videos struck down in a single day

YouTube has flagged virtually all of the content on the Ikari Press channel. Ikari Press founder and Brand creator started receiving flagging notices late last night, and there are now at least 253 videos have been deemed to be “innappropriate content”. Given the high volume and rapid succession of the complaints, it stands to reason that this was an intentional

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Ikari Press launches sci-fi comic project “Brand” on Indiegogo

This weekend, Ikari Press launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new comic project titled Brand on Indiegogo. Brand is a 48-page science fiction graphic novel written by Antonio Brice and featuring illustrations by Caanan White (Über). Project creator Brice notes that Brand is definitely for mature readers only. Here’s a summary of the plot taken from the Brand Indiegogo page:

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