Ikari Press founder Antonio Brice hit with mass flagging on YouTube – over 250 videos struck down in a single day

YouTube has flagged virtually all of the content on the Ikari Press channel. Ikari Press founder and Brand creator started receiving flagging notices late last night, and there are now at least 253 videos have been deemed to be “innappropriate content”. Given the high volume and rapid succession of the complaints, it stands to reason that this was an intentional attack on the Ikari Press channel, not to mention the fact that several of the videos were on innocuous topics including interviews with mainstream comic book pros and even cooking videos. Brice can appeal each of these notices, but that requires filling out an appeal for each and every instance – over 250 of them.

This comes at a tense time for independent comic book personalities. Both Internet comic book critic Edwin Boyette and Alterna Comics founder Peter Simeti were swatted within the last month alone.

You can watch Brice address the issue on a livestream with Brand artist Canaan White below. You can still purchase Brand by Ikari Press on Indiegogo here.


One comment

  • Lauren “Renfamous” Cooper and @sjwspiderman are absolute despicable scum. They proudly brag about and marshal their followers to deplatform anyone they deem to be associated with comicsgate. Interviews and cooking videos. FFS.


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