Doug TenNapel adds backer-exclusive video game demo to “Bigfoot Bill” comic campaign on Indiegogo

On Sunday, Doug TenNapel announced a new $75 thousand stretch goal for his Bigfoot Bill comic book currently on Indiegogo – a playable video game demo exclusively for Bigfoot Bill campaign backers.

Here’s a first look at Bill’s idle animation posted to TenNapel’s YouTube channel:

As the creator of Earthworm Jim, TenNapel is no stranger to the video game world. TenNapel listed Steam as a platform for the Bigfoot Bill game, though several developers are interested in helping complete the full game.

The plan for the full game is to complete it over time along with the Bigfoot Bill comic books. According to TenNapel:

“The next Indiegogo book will have a second level to play, 3rd book comes with a 3rd level etc. By the end of four books we will have a four level demo that should be enough to trigger a big raise for a complete game. But I’m in this for the world-building and games are a whole different matter altogether.”

The synergy plans don’t stop with video games, either. TenNapel also intends to pitch a Bigfoot Bill TV series or animated movie once the book series is finished.

It’s certainly a unique stretch goal. Is exclusive access to a game demo enough to convince you to support the project? You can visit the Bigfoot Bill Indiegogo page here.

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