Indiegogo campaign for “Detective Dead” graphic novel ends successfully

Overnight, the crowdfunding campaign for Detective Dead: Crimson Moon ended successfully, achieving 227% of its goal for a total of over $22 thousand.*

Detective Dead is a 104-page sci-fi noir graphic novel written by Antonio Malpica and featuring artwork by Rob Luper and Carlos Eduardo. Here’s a summary of the plot taken from the Indiegogo campaign page:

“After a deadly raid against some of the most notorious gangsters of 1932, Joel Anthony Scorn, a Rusty Belt City Detective, heads home only to discover the lifeless bodies of his wife and daughter. Joel now finds himself in the modern day chasing down the man responsible, as well as every gangster who died at the raid that night. Unfortunately, like Joel, these thugs gained unique abilities of their own.”

Did you miss out on the Detective Dead campaign? Fortunately for you, the Indiegogo page transitioned to an in-demand store after the crowdfunding period ended. That means you can still preorder the book for a limited time before it is scheduled to ship in April 2019.

You can check out the full Detective Dead: Crimson Moon Indiegogo page here.

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*Disclosure: the author of this post is a backer of the Detective Dead project


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