“Detective Dead” isn’t Dead? Cridious Shares First 27 Pages of the Sci-Fi/Noir Graphic Novel

On Wednesday, Detective Dead creator Antonio Malpica (aka Cridious) took to social media to freely share the first 27 pages of the book in PDF form. This is the first update on the project in several months, but it does appear that Malpica is making good on his promise to finish the Detective Dead book despite his mismanaging the funds raised for it.*

Detective Dead: Crimson Moon is a sci-fi noir graphic novel written by Malpica and featuring artwork by Rob Luper and Carlos Eduardo. Having successfully crowdfunded the book in 2018 via Indiegogo, Malpica has admittedly made several mistakes in handling the production of Detective Dead, specifically how the more than $38 thousand raised was spent. Malpica laid out these mistakes in February, but also insisted that he would eventually finish and ship the book to his backers.

Sample Detective Dead page from the 27-page preview

There’s still a long way to go before finishing the full 100+ page book, (not to mention printing and shipping it to backers), but for now, Detective Dead still shows signs of life.

You can check out the full 27-page preview here.

*Disclosure: the author of this post is a backer of the Detective Dead: Crimson Moon project

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