DC Comics writer giving away free comics to furloughed federal employees this Saturday

On Saturday 19 January, Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, Maryland will be hosting a signing event for DC Comics writer Tom King (Mister Miracle). In addition to the standard signing, we’ll-wishing and palm-pressing, King has offered to give away free copies of his comics to those government employees furloughed as a result of the partial government shutdown.

Annapolis is only (*checks Google maps*) about 30 miles from Washington D.C., so there are undoubtedly quite a few government employees in the area. Not a furloughed federal employee? You can still attend of course, but no freebies for you. Those comics are freebies for furloughed federal folks, fam.

You can find details of the event on the Third Eye Comics website here.

King is a former federal employee himself, and this is certainly a commendable gesture on his part. During tough times, there’s no underestimating the value of escapist entertainment.

With so many free comics to be had, maybe Third Eye Comics will have to build a wall to keep the throngs of readers at bay, eh?

So much for escapist entertainment…

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