“Jawbreakers: Lost Souls” has printed

The second biggest comic crowdfunding campaign of 2018 is now just days away from arriving at backers’ mailboxes. On Tuesday, Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer announced that the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls graphic novel had finally been printed, and that backers should be receiving their copies very shortly. Meyer showed off the final product in the latest backer update, which you can check out below.

Jawbreakers: Lost Souls printed copy

Jawbreakers: Lost Souls is a superhero action/adventure story intended as a blend of The Expendables and The Guardians of the Galaxy. The graphic novel is written by Richard C. Meyer and features illustrations by Jon Malin and colors by Brett R. Smith. Raising over $400 thousand from more than 10 thousand backers on Indiegogo in 2018, Jawbreakers: Lost Souls was second only to Ethan Van Sciver’s crowdfunding juggernaut, Cyberfrog: Blood Honey, which raised over $600 thousand in two separate Indiegogo campaigns (though Jawbreakers had more overall backers).

Are you a Jawbreakers backer eagerly awaiting your copy? Proclaim your anticipation in the comments below!

*Note: The author of this post is a backer of the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls project.

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One comment

  • I would see my copy and it’s awesome software design I don’t know if it’s computerize signature but it looks to be a legit handle signed copy the art and it is amazing love the book just wish I knew its value if anybody is willing to throw out a number I’ll let me know it comes with book one and book 2 so get back to me plus some extra little bonuses inside there once again awesome comic thanks


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