Crowdfunding campaign for “The Good Knight” rallies; fully funded with just seven days remaining

The crowdfunding campaign for fantasy tale The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm has seen a massive rally in the past couple of days after The Good Knight writer Crystal McGhee appeared on a livestream hosted by renowned comic creator Ethan Van Sciver. Van Sciver has been given the honorific nickname of “Caesar” by his fans, due in part to his ability to amass support for independent comic projects by featuring them on his Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel.

The Good Knight has now blown past its original funding goal, hit its first stretch goal (a letter/fan art section in the book), and is closing in quickly on a second stretch goal (a set of trading cards), with just seven days remaining in the crowdfunding period. Other potential stretch goals include hoodies, and even fully funding the next book in the series.

The Good Knight: Nightmare Realm #1 is part of a 12-issue, black and white maxi-series for mature audiences and planned as the start of a new shared universe. The series is written by Crystal McGhee and features artwork by Francisco Narde.

You can watch Ethan Van Sciver’s livestream with Crystal McGhee below, or visit The Good Knight‘s Indiegogo page here.


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