“Jawbreakers” creator promises fix after reports of books damaged during fulfillment, shipping

In the latest backer update for Jawbreakers: Lost Souls, project creator Richard C. Meyer has addressed reports of damaged books being received by backers. Meyer indicated that the packaging materials used by the fulfillment company are the biggest culprit, which Meyer claims to resemble a “glorified envelope” made from “recycled cardboard.” The Splintering can confirm that this description is apt, having received a copy just days ago.

As a result of using this type of mailer, some books have arrived damaged, including dinged corners, bent spines, and water damage due to the packaging not being waterproof. Meyer admitted that he did not personally inspect and approve the mailers used by the fulfillment company, and that he regrets not doing so.

Below are some photos of the worst example of damage I’ve seen so far, plus you can see the rigid mailer used for shipping in the background.

Damaged Jawbreakers comic bookDamaged Jawbreakers comic book photo No.2

Meyer has instructed the printer to halt all shipments and scheduled an emergency phone call for Monday to resolve the situation. According to Meyer, the printing company is also dismayed to learn that their sub-contracted fulfillment company has not been delivering the book in good condition. For their part, the printer has promised to “make it right and people will get good books.”

It should be noted that not all Jawbreakers books are being delivered damaged. I personally received my copy on Thursday, and it was in acceptable condition. Meyer has started collecting names and damage photos from those wanting replacements books. So far, he has received approximately 70 requests, which isn’t a large percentage given that the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls Indiegogo campaign had over 10 thousand backers (0.7%, to be precise).

It’s been a long road getting Jawbreakers to backers, and it’s unfortunate for there to be such a significant snag so late in the process. Hopefully, the issues are resolved soon.

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