“Jawbreakers” creator confirms replacement copies are coming to backers who received damaged books

After an emergency phone call with the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls printer, project creator Richard C. Mayer has updated the book’s backers with quite a bit of good news.

The initial shipments of Lost Souls was reportedly being delivered to some backers in a damaged state. As a result, the printers and fulfillment company are halting all shipments and issuing replacement books after a shipping solution is agreed upon. Meyer expects the shipping process to be delayed by approximately a week to make the changes, but receiving a solid product in good condition will probably be worth the wait, for most.

Meyer also noted that backers wanting a replacement copy of Lost Souls should not hesitate to request one, and that he himself would not be out any money to replace them.

If you’re a backer of the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls graphic novel and received a copy in poor condition, check your email for Meyer’s instructions on how to request a replacement.

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