Coffin Comics’ “Lady Death: Scorched Earth” launches on Kickstarter March 6

The next chapter in Coffin Comics’ Lady Death saga launches 6 March on Kickstarter. Titled Lady Death: Scorched Earth, this upcoming crowdfunding campaign has some big leather boots to fill, as it follows 2018’s overwhelmingly successful Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony, which raised $295 thousand and stands as Coffin Comics’ most successful crowdfunded graphic novel to date. As is typical of Coffin Comics’ crowdfunding campaigns, there will likely be a girthy set of bonuses available as add-on purchases and stretch goals.

The dark and mature themes of the Lady Death series make it a perfect fit for a crowdfunding model, where the creators and audience are better insulated from the outrage of the perpetually offended.

Like what you see? Lady Death: Scorched Earth launches on Kickstarter 6 March.

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