“Castlevania Anniversary Collection” rated by Australian classification board

Is Konami planning a Castlevania Anniversary Collection? If a recent rating by the Australian Classification board is any indication, then the answer is yes. The board has indeed rated a title specifically named “Castlevania Anniversary Collection” from Konami.

The timing is definitely interesting. Castlevania technically celebrates its 33rd anniversary in 2019, which isn’t exactly a round number. Perhaps this Castlevania title is associated with the Konami 50th Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics, which was also rated in Australia last week. If so, then the anniversary version of Castlevania in question could be based on the arcade game, released under the title of Haunted Castle in some markets.

Konami has not confirmed the existence either Castlevania Anniversary Collection or the Konami 50th Anniversary Collection: Arcade Classics. Can we trust the Aussies? They’re all descended from criminals, you know…

Source: Gematsu

One comment

  • I love Castlevania and this intrigues me, however knowing Konami I’m not going to get my hopes up. They would rather make erotic pachinko games than real video games.


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