Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch!? Not so fast, says Microsoft

As we reported in February, rumors stemming from French gaming website Jeuxvideo indicated that Microsoft is bringing Xbox Live functionality to the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox execs are now putting the kibosh on these rumors, stating that they have no “specific announcements” to share at the time being.

Here’s how Microsoft’s Gaming Cloud Chief Kareem Choudhry puts it:

“Our goal is to really unite the 2 billion gamers of the world and we’re big fans of our Xbox Live community, but we don’t have any specific announcements as it relates to Switch today. If you’ve watched us for the past few years, we’ve taken a very inclusive approach. Phil [Spencer] has been very proactive on issues like crossplay, cross-progression, and uniting gamer networks, and we’re willing to partner with the industry as much as we possibly can.”

Bummer, dude. It turns out that you really can’t trust the French.

Source: Nintendo Life

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