Did Garth Ennis love or hate writing “Hitman 1,000,000?”

Many years ago, a close friend of mine and I had deep literary discussion surrounding a single question…

Did Garth Ennis hate writing Hitman 1,000,000?

What’s Hitman 1,000,000? It was part of the DC Comics crossover event in 1998 titled DC One Million, in which all of the DC heroes interacted with their superhero counterparts from the 853rd Century. Certainly there are many creators who don’t appreciate being asked to structure their own story arcs around these kind of large crossover events, and if you ever read Hitman 1,000,000, you might get the sense that Ennis felt the same way.

Sub-titled To Hell with the Future, the story of Hitman 1,000,000 takes Tommy Monaghan far into the future where his legacy as a hero has clearly been exaggerated over the millennia. It’s pretty clear that the plot is written as a parody of the entire DC One Million event, but it’s also legitimately hilarious. Remember the short-lived 90s hero Gunfire? There may be no funnier moment in all of comics than watching the 853rd Century version of him accidentally turn his own ass into a hand grenade, blowing himself up in the process. By the end, it still isn’t completely clear whether Ennis relished or abhored the absurdity of the whole thing.

After years of wondering, I finally met the elusive Ennis at a signing event. While other fans were there to talk to him about about Preacher or his more recent works such as Sara or The Boys, I had just one question I wanted to ask him. While he gave me his thoughts in a bit more colorful detail than I feel comfortable disclosing, it’s pretty clear that I finally did get my answer.

“I loved this”

Hitman 1,000,000 was written by Garth Ennis and featured illustrations by John McCrea and colors by Carla Feeny.

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