New SEGA survey will finally determine the future of Sonic… probably

This week, SEGA started an open online survey to get fan feedback on some of their most popular franchises.

The survey is intended to help SEGA “determine the next steps for some of our most popular series.” Several SEGA staples are included in the survey, such as Sonic the HedgehogYakuzaBayonetta, Puyo Puyo, Shenmue, Altered Beast, Phantasy Star, etc.

It’s also pretty telling to note which SEGA franchises are not included in the survey. Notably absent are Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon and Virtua Fighter, so the future of those franchises appear to be dim. C’mon, SEGA, nothing against Altered Beast, but you’ve got to realize that Alex Kidd is a more versatile franchise, right?

We don’t ask our readers for much here at The Splintering, but if you choose to take the survey, it would be appreciated if you wrote us in as one of the websites you rely on for gaming news.

You can take SEGA’s player survey here.

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