Bendis out as “Superman” writer, Dan Jurgens back in, DC Comics confirms

Despite a litany of promotional fanfare, DC Comics is ending its costly experiment with Brian Michael Bendis as the writer of both Superman and Action Comics.

Bendis will end his run in July, and long-time Superman writer Dan Jurgens will immediately assume writing duties on both books while DC scrambles to find a more long-term solution.

Bendis’ take on The Man of Steel hasn’t panned out how DC Comics hoped, both in terms of sales and fan response. For months, long-time fans have voiced their dissatisfaction with how Bendis approached the character and his supporting cast, particularly Clark’s family. With sales declining month after month, the large investment DC paid to bring Bendis over from Marvel clearly hasn’t paid off.

It should be noted that this announcement does not affect Bendis’ other projects at DC Comics. The Publisher clearly waited for Monday to keep this news out of the WonderCon news cycle over the weekend, where DC announced Bendis’ Batman Universe. The upcoming Event Leviathan is also still planned to release as scheduled.

What do you think about this sudden creative team change on the Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Same Comics Channel

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