DC Comics removes writer Tom King from “Batman”

I know we joked about DC dropping Brian Michael Bendis from Superman for April Fools, but this time we’re serious.


A new report indicates that Batman writer Tom King has been removed from DC Comics’ flagship series, with Batman #85 being his final issue. King himself did not make the decision.

Assuming writing duties for Batman in 2016, King since has noted that his run was intended as a 100-issue arc “documenting and celebrating the love of Batman and Catwoman.” With DC’s decision to remove him from the book, it looks like he’s going to be cut fifteen issues short.

King’s take on the Dark Knight has received mixed reviews from fans, with many unhappy with his characterization of Batman and his relationship to the supporting cast. The highly-promoted issue #50, aka the Batman/Catwoman “wedding issue”, also turned out to be a public relations disaster for DC Comics. To be fair, it was DC themselves who completely botched the marketing for issue #50, leaving comic book retailers feeling betrayed and Batman fans feeling lied to.

Like many other mainstream, monthly comics, sales of Batman have been lagging in recent months, with units shipped coming in well below 100 thousand. Sure, many other books would be happy to see 80 – 90 thousand in sales, but it’s quite possible that DC has higher expectations for their flagship character.

Did DC Comics make the right decision? Who do you want to see step up to the Batman writer’s chair? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Bounding Into Comics

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