Gat Hanzo teases “Vestige”, an upcoming collaboration with Donal DeLay and Kyle Ritter

Writer Gat Hanzo is ready to throw his hat into the indie comic book scene with Vestige, an all-new fantasy/action project featuring illustrations by Donal DeLay (Brutas the Badass) and colors by Kyle Ritter (Cyberfrog: Blood Honey). There’s yet to be a full reveal of Vestige, but here’s a plot synopsis of what we know so far.

“Mixing historical accuracy and fantasy adventure, “Vestige” links the events of history through the influence of legendary weapons of the past, and how the vestige imbued within those relics will influence the direction for the future of the soon to be modern world. These legendary weapons, these relics, convey sometimes vast powers to those who hold them, transforming ordinary mortals into superhumans with supernatural abilities. Our saga begins in the 1890s.

“The remnants and powers of relics that shaped the old world are thought lost, but their rediscovery will shape the world as the dawn of the industrial age nears.”

Check out the teaser artwork below and set your calendar reminders because Vestige is currently scheduled to begin crowdfunding via Indiegogo on 20 April.




Source: Indiecron

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