Comic artist Elliot Fernandez teases “Doomkicker”

Coming off a successful Indiegogo campaign with Black and Red, comic artist Elliot Fernandez has been teasing Doom Kicker, an upcoming collaboration with Earthworm Jim creator, Doug TenNapel, for several months.

What is Doom Kicker all about? Nobody really knows, yet. Fernandez is providing the artwork and will co-write the book with TenNapel, and the project is slated to begin crowdfunding on Indiegogo in early May. Like TenNapel’s previous crowdfunding campaign for Bigfoot Bill, the Doom Kicker creative team have indicated that their book will have a hardcover binding if the project raises $80 thousand during the crowdfunding period.

While we all wait for more details, check out some concept art for Doom Kicker below, or watch a recent livestream from Doug TenNapel’s YouTube channel where both creators discuss the project.


*Colors in the banner image by Durakken.


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