Have Doom – Will Kick! Elliot Fernandez’s “Doomkicker” is live on Indiegogo

On Wednesday, comic book artist Elliot Fernandez kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for Doomkicker, a new horror graphic novel written by Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel. Fernandez has been teasing the project for months, and it looks as though his promotional efforts have paid off. The campaign is already kicking ass, having raised nearly 300% of its original goal for a total of more than $14 thousand at the time of this writing.

Doomkicker is currently planned as a perfect bound, 48-page soft cover book, though it could be kicked up a notch to to 96 pages if future funding stretch goals are met.

Here’s a summary of the project taken from the Doomkicker Indiegogo campaign page:

“DOOMKICKER is about Hank, a frustrated small town security guard who wants to live up to his fathers legacy as the town Sheriff but finds himself stuck. He stumbles on a local conspiracy that will turn his world upside down. What if doing the right thing cost you your soul?”

Backers can get a signed copy of Doomkicker for $25. Those with a bit more cash to kick in (you lucky devils) can snag several other kickbacks including extra copies of the book, original artwork, art prints, and a variant cover by Lonestar creator Mike S. Miller.

Ready to kick some doom? You can kick it with some sample artwork below or visit the full Doomkicker Indiegogo page here.

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