“Jawbreakers – Lost Souls Remastered” now available on Indiegogo

On Saturday, Richard C. Meyer launched a crowdfunding campaign for a remastered edition of Jawbreakers – Lost Souls, his record-breaking graphic novel described as a combination of The Expendables and Guardians of the Galaxy. This “second printing” is not markedly different from the original, though the print file has been tweaked to ensure a slightly higher image quality. The campaign has already surpassed its funding goal, so there’s it’s all gravy for Meyer from this point forward. Delicious, profitable gravy.

Lending their artistic talents to Jawbreakers Lost Souls are penciller/inker Jon Malin (Graveyard Shift) and colorist Brett Smith (Batman, G.I. Joe), while Kelsey Shannon contributed artwork to one of the Jawbreakers – G0d K1ng backup stories included with Lost Souls. You can read what we thought of the full Jawbreakers package here.

Below is a summary of the Jawbreakers – Lost Souls Remastered project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.

“The Jawbreakers are a group of ex-superheroes turned mercenaries. After burning bridges with the CIA while operating in the Middle East and losing their lucrative security contracts in Europe, they find themselves in Africa working as monster hunters.”

Backers this time around have fewer options, with a copy of the Jawbreakers – Lost Souls graphic novel and a pinup poster of featuring femme fatale Xaxi running $25. The only remaining backer tier is for two of the same package (book + poster) for $40, which could be nice “eBay bait” for collectibles speculators.

If you’ve been kicking yourself for missing out on the last campaign, don’t miss out this time around. You can visit the Jawbreakers – Lost Souls Remastered Indiegogo page here.

“Jawbreakers- Lost Souls” cover art by Ethan Van Sciver

Xaxi wields a mean spear

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