Richard Meyer’s “Jawbreakers – Lost Souls Remastered” campaign ends successfully

Over the weekend, the Indiegogo campaign for the second printing of Jawbreakers: Lost Souls ended successfully, raising 374% of its original goal for a total of more than $56 thousand.

Titled Jawbreakers – Lost Souls Remastered, the graphic novel is a superhero action/adventure story written by Richard C. Meyer (Iron Sights) and featuring illustrations by Jon Malin (Thunderbolts, Graveyard Shift) and colorist Brett Smith (Batman, G.I. Joe), while Kelsey Shannon contributed artwork to one of the Jawbreakers – G0d K1ng backup stories included with Lost Souls. This second printing/remastered edition is not markedly different from the original, though the print file has been tweaked to ensure a slightly higher image quality. You can read what we thought of the first Jawbreakers printing here.

Did you miss out on 2018’s initial campaign and this second campaign for the remastered version? Well, you’re out of luck at the moment. Unlike many other Indiegogo campaigns, the Jawbreakers: Lost Souls crowdfunding page did not transition to an in-demand store. Sounds like you have a date with eBay.

Congratulations to Meyer and the rest of the Jawbreakers-Lost Souls team. Ya boi.


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