Eric Weathers’ “Flying Fortress: Remastered” takes flight just in time for D-Day 75th anniversary

Veteran comic book letterer Eric Weathers is marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day by launching a crowdfunding campaign for Flying Fortress: Remastered, a girthy 200-page graphic novel collecting all eight issues of 2011’s Flying Fortress with updated artwork and lettering.

Wait, did I say letterer? Indeed I did. Eric Weathers is a very active letterer for other independent comics projects including Jawbreakers, Graveyard Shift, Gunship Thunderpunch, Iron Sights, and Doomkicker. Now Weathers is turning to Indiegogo to this updated version of his science fiction take on World War II.

But what is Flying Fortress all about? Here’s a summary of the book taken from the Flying Fortress: Remastered Indiegogo campaign page:

“The year is 1943, war rages across the globe.

Captain Steven Reynolds and the crew of the B-17 “Bombing Betty” are tasked with a secret mission to bomb Hitler at his hidden base. After busting his bunker and sending him into oblivion their victory is short lived when they are shot down by an experimental enemy fighter, and crash-land in the middle ages.

“Losing one of their own to the evil Infinite Reich, our crew finds allies in unexpected places. Using a new found technology, they must do what they can to survive, and more importantly, find their way back home!

“Medieval knights, a crazed monster, a mad science and alien Nazi tech come together to tell the story of Flying Fortress.

Backers can get a digital version of Flying Fortress for $30, while physical copies of the book (all signed) start at $35. For those with a bit more cash to spend, there are some tiers with extras including extra copies of the book, pinup art, original artwork, even limited copies of the original, non-remastered edition of the story.

The Flying Fortress: Remastered Indiegogo campaign is already completely funded. If you’re interested in the book, you can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Indiegogo page here.

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