Brian Shearer’s “Gunship Thunderpunch” now on Indiegogo; fully funded in nine hours

On Monday, comic book artist Brian Shearer (Transformers, G.I. Joe) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Gunship Thunderpunch on Indiegogo.

It was fully funded in the first nine hours.

Gunship Thunderpunch is an all-new 64-page, one-shot graphic novel written and illustrated by Shearer. Here’s a plot summary of the book taken from the Gunship Thunderpunch Indiegogo campaign page.

“Martians kidnapped Nova Marcos’ son! Her only chance to save him lies with an abandoned gunship and an inmate with a life sentence who commanded the ship decades before. But this gunship has a secret: It’s alive!

“After spending 30 years abandoned in a junk yard, their self-aware transforming gunship might have some trust issues.”

Backers can get a digital version of Gunship Thunderpunch for $10, while physical copies (all signed) start at $25. Those with some extra cash to spend can art prints, original sketches, and Shearer’s 116-page art book.

Got bots on the brain? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Gunship Thunderpunch Indiegogo page here. You can also visit Brian Shearer’s YouTube page for more updates.

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