Lonestar Squadron, hooooo! “Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier” now crushing it on Indiegogo

The follow-up to Mike S. Miller’s incredibly successful Lonestar: Heart of the Hero went live on Indiegogo today, and it’s become an instant success in just hours. At the time of this writing, Soul of the Soldier has raised well over 1 thousand percent of its goal for a total over $13 thousand, but those numbers are going up so quickly, these estimates will likely be “overtaken by events” by the time this is posted.

Written and illustrated by Miller, Lonestar is a superhero action/adventure featuring a main character designed as a “star-spangled” hero in the same vein as Wonder Woman or the Fighting American, but in Lonestar’s case, he’s outfitted like a “Captain Texas” version of F-Zero’s Captain Falcon.

Miller celebrated the launch of the Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier crowdfunding campaign with a series of livestreams on his YouTube Channel, Blacklist Universe, one of which you can watch below.


Do you have what it takes to join the Lonestar Squadron, soldier!? (Airman?) More specifically, do you have fifteen bucks? Because backers can get a digital version of Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier for $15, while physical copies start at $20. For those willing to drop a bit more cash, there are backer tiers for multiple copies of the book, signed copies, variant covers, the option to have your likeness drawn into the final book, and very importantly, copies of the first Lonestar book in case you missed out the first time. There is also a “For the Troops” tier, which means four copies of Soul of the Soldier for you, and at least ten more copies sent to U.S. service members via the USO.

Ready to to take a stand for truth, justice, and the Texan way? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier Indiegogo page here.

Lonestar fights Nazis…

Lonestar fights gangs…

…er, Lonestar isn’t fighting anyone right here…

…but Lonestar also fights AntiFa mobs, too!

*Note: Post updated to correct book title

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