“Shinobi Sasquatch” set to slice, dice and stomp evil on 1 May

Writer Cal Jameson and illustrator Rob Willis are putting a high-octane action spin on the Bigfoot myths with their upcoming graphic novel, Shinobi Sasquatch, scheduled to begin crowdfunding on 1 May via Indiegogo.

The Shinobi Sasquatch book will be a 48-page, full color graphic novel, and the images that the creators have released so far look incredible. The tale looks to take place in the Pacific Northwest, and follows the adventures of a mythical beast known to locals as the “Shinobi Sasquatch,” who protects nearby citizens from all manners of evil, and yes, he’s a Bigfoot with swords.

It’s not long until 1 May, but while we wait, the Samurai Sasquatch creative team have put together a tongue-in-cheek online newsletter featuring updates on the project as well as a few joke headlines for good measure. You can sign up to receive these newsletters in your email inbox here.

Otherwise, you can gawk at some sample artwork below, and wonder why artist Rob Willis hasn’t been snatched up by a major publisher already.

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