“Shinobi Sasquatch” sighting confirmed! The mythical beast can be found now on Indiegogo!

He’s a dual-katana wielding werewolf Bigfoot. It may sound like a dream arcade crossover of Rampage, Altered Beast, and Ninja Gaiden, but it’s actually Shinobi Sasquatch, a new 52-page graphic novel now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Written by Cal Jameson and featuring illustrations by Rob Willis and colors by Paul Bilick, Shinobi Sasquatch puts a high-octane action spin on ancient Bigfoot myths. The tale follows Shino, a mythical beast known to locals looks in the Pacific Northwest as the “Shinobi Sasquatch.”

Here’s a summary of the Shinobi Sasquatch project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page.

“From the creative team of writer/letterer Cal Jameson (Graveyard Shift: Book Two), artist Rob Willis (who’s gonna be yuuuuge), and colorist Paul Bilick (coloring wizard supreme), Shinobi Sasquatch aims to continue to raise the bar on quality in indie comics. We’re all giving our very best, pouring ourselves into this book to make it more than worth the cost.

“Shinobi Sasquatch was conceived somewhat foolishly, but as I fleshed out the world and its inhabitants, I realized there was a lot more story potential than I expected. I have since grown to truly love the concept, characters, and setting, and Shino (as some call him) has grown to hold a special place in my heart along with my most favorite characters.

“This campaign will be a milestone in all our careers. While we’ve all done paid work in the industry, this will be the first book to be exclusively our own. If we fund this one, we fully plan to keep releasing more of Shino’s stories any way we can.”

Backers can get a digital version of Shinobi Sasquatch for $12, while physical copies of the book start at $25. There are plenty of extras for those looking to contribute a bit more cash, including a t-shirt, poster, art prints, extra copies of the book, sketch cards, and the chance to have your likeness drawn into the final book.

The Shinobi Sasquatch campaign is off to a great start, having already raised more than half of its funding goal on the first day alone. There are plenty of stretch goals already laid out if the project goes above and beyond with funding, including upgraded binding, paper, cover, extra pages of content, a print featuring art by Donal DeLay, and even a separate 20-page team-up comic written by Von Klaus and illustrated by Rob Willis, in which the Shinobi Sasquatch joins forces with characters from Monster MD.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Shinobi Sasquatch Indiegogo page here.

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